Continuación 2

01.08.2011 13:52

translated into Spanish.

In 2008 I had made contact with Ramiro Llanos, coordinator of Prison Fellowship Bolivia, and we had communicated via an interpreter. This year when we met, he asked if I would do a short input on their new Restorative Justice course. This had been set up in response to a new National Plan for criminal justice, which focused on restorative justice as the way forward. This plan was designed to be more in keeping with the rest of new government thinking under President Juan Evo Morales Ayma, aimed at living in harmony with the environment and other people. Prison Fellowship Bolivia was also aware of restorative justice initiatives in other Latin American countries. 

The first course ran from March to August 2009, every Saturday afternoon, at two venues: one in La Paz and one in El Alto. It included:

  • Philosophy and principles of restorative justice
  • Comparison between retributive and restorative justice
  • Restorative practices and programmes