01.08.2011 13:49

La Paz. She translated all the handouts I sent, and CEREFE photocopied them. I repeated the introductory workshop from last year for those who had not attended it, and then went on to the mediation training. 

The timetable for the mediation training was reduced twice, owing to unforeseen circumstances, so I had to re-write the course each time. Participants did not attend every session, or on time (Bolivian time plus their work shifts).   However, it went well for those who attended all the sessions, and we used a role play to work on the health/ education conflict. The group also made a plan to introduce a mediation scheme in the institution.

Some unexpected opportunities also arose. A meeting with the coordinator of Quaker Bolivia Link led to discussion of the conflict accompanying social change (due to the different philosophy of the new government), leading to an increased need for conflict resolution and mediation skills. She wanted to get mediation materials translated into Spanish.